Quick & Scheduled Alerts

Send out quick alerts to get messages out fast on demand or take a more pre-meditated approach and create a scheduled alert to be sent out on a specific date and time. For each alert you will choose who you want to send the message to, how you want to deliver the message, and the message that you want to send, whether it is an existing message or a new message.

Multiple Alert Delivery Types

Deliver alerts through various different methods to make sure your messages are received! Send using one method or all of the methods! Manage your contacts in a way so that they only receive alerts via the communications you choose for them.

Communication Methods

SMS Texts

Text to Voice Calls

Recorded Message Calls


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Contact Segmentation

Make sure that your contacts are separated out into an organized lists so that you are ready to reach the right contacts fast. Separate contacts into lists based on location, department, job title, etc. so you are prepared to only alert the segment you need to.

Other Contact Management Features:

Contact Importing & Exporting

History Tracking

Contact Profiles & Subscription Tracking

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Alert Use Cases

Traffic Alerts

Let your employees know about traffic occurrences that may affect their commute to or from the office and if they should plan on using a different route.

Weather Warnings

Dangerous weather forecasted? Keep your employees safe and let them know by sending out an alert. Provide options if it’s unsafe to go to work.

IT Alerts

Is the Wifi going to be down today? Make sure your employees know. Is your wifi already down? Send out a SMS message from the mobile app to keep your employees up to date.

Construction Alerts

Make sure the appropriate employees are kept up to date if there is going to be active construction in one of your office locations that could affect their work.

Closure Alerts

Warn your employees that one or more offices may be closed before they show up to work so that they can work from home or find the correct alternative.

Fire Drill Alerts

Prepare your employees for upcoming drills and send out reminders before the drill so that the drill can be accounted for.

Meeting Alerts

Send out meeting reminders via all communication methods so all required participants get the message regardless of where they are. Send out emergency meeting invites quickly and efficiently.

Education Alerts

If school is closed, notify all of the parents to not drop of their kids or come and pick up their kids. Send out class cancellation notices to older students.

Emergency Alerts

Send out quick alerts in emergency situations so that the appropriate contacts are notified while avoiding updating people that don’t need to know.

Indition Alerts™ provides fast and reliable delivery of notifications to any audience, over any device, over various communication methods.

Available for iOS & Android Devices

Send out Alerts from your mobile devices using the Indition Alerts mobile app. Make sure you can send out alerts from anywhere when they are needed the most. Send out Quick Alerts, create Scheduled Alerts, and see a list of Upcoming Alerts all within the app. There’s no reliance on having your desktop ready with a Wifi connection!